Our Story

We lost our beloved JRT "Wishbone" in 2014 and like most would be, we were devastated.  This is when we began looking for a well bred puppy and was referred to Lynn Hawley of Forget-Me-Not JRT, in Idaho.  We met with Lynn and after much hounding on our part she contacted us with a possible puppy.  She had this little split faced black and white male that had previously been promised, but they had decided to pass on him.  Well their loss our gain and the rest is history. We are now so deep into JRT's we may never recover.

All our dogs are JRTCA registered and we have signed the JRTCA’s Breeders Code of Ethics. Each litter is raised in our home utilizing Puppy Culture protocols giving them the best possible foundation for becoming great companions. We believe in protecting the working aspect and drive in these remarkable little terriers.





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