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Building relationships, one puppy at a time!  Pictured is Teagan and her March 2020 litter.  

*All 2021 puppies have sold.  Check back early 2022 for our next litter.  

*Forget-Me-Not Pedey FIRST Jack Russell Terrier to earn a Trick Dog Register of Merit (TD-ROM).  This title is awarded when the offspring earn 10 or more Trick Dog Titles.  
Why a Gem Dandy Puppy?  We are proud to offer puppies raised utilizing Puppy Culture protocols.   Whether you are looking for a dog to show or a faithful companion, science has proven experience’s introduced at the right time in a Puppies first 12 weeks can have lifelong benefits.  We plant the seeds, imprinting your puppy to be bold, confident and resilient, you provide the love and a lifetime of experience.  


Forget-Me-Not Darby

JRTCA #0016-17A                                            Sire: Forget Me Not Trekk                               Dam: Forget-Me-Not Zesty                           13.75" Tan and White, Broken Coat              BAER/ CAER Normal (7/2018), PLL, SCA, DM & HU Normal. 
(Retired) Darby is an athletic girl with lots of drive when she’s not lounging in my lap. She is by the affable Forget-Me-Not Trekk out of the amazing Forget-Me-Not Zesty. Besides being the best lap dog ever, Darby has proven to be quite competitive at trials, with Championships in both Racing and Go-To-Ground and Trailing and Locating.  


Shingle Oak Teagan

JRTCA #0102-18A Sire: Forget-Me-Not Teller  Dam: Shingle Oak Lolita TRI, 12.5" Rough CoatBAER/CEAR Normal (7/2018), PPL & SCA NBD  
Talk about naughty, and clever, and sweet as they come, you would be talking about Teagan. She’s ball crazy yet biddable and stands just 12.5” tall. There is a lot of dog packed in this little rough coated beauty. Teagan consistently places at the top of her class in conformation and performance, she went Reserve Best Open Terrier at the April 2019 Spring Fox Frolic in Anaheim under Judge John Broadhurst and was Reserve Best Open Bitch at the 2019 Rainier Hunt Classic.  


Forget-Me-Not Pedey

JRTCA: 0119-15A Sire: Salishan Briar  Dam: Forget-Me-Not Whiteout 13.5” Black and White, harsh broken coatBAER/CAER Normal, PLL, SCA, DM, and HU clear.
Forget-Me-Not Pedey is an exceptional terrier bred in America with deep British roots. He is a loveable companion with a charismatic presence possessing a stunning head, substantial bone, a harsh thick jacket and just the right amount of angulation. A versatile guy who has competed successfully in JRTCA Trials, Barn Hunt and NADAC Agility. He holds numerous Championships in both conformation and performance. He has earned an Expert Trick Dog Title, Trick Dog Register of Merit (TD-ROM), Open Title in Barn Hunt, GTG Trial Certificate, Rally I and Rally II and Pre-Novice and Novice Obedience certificates. With limited breedings he is passing these qualities to his offspring.  Pedey is the first Jack Russell Terrier to earn a TD-ROM.   This title is awarded when his offspring have earned 10 or more Trick Dog Titles.  


Health Testing

All the Terriers here at Gem Dandy JRT’s have been fully Heath checked. They are BAER, CAER normal and clear for PLL, SCA, DM and HU. All results are recorded and maintained on the JRT Health Registry. http://jrthealthregistry.com


Trial Highlights

Pedey’s Show Highlights: 
2015 Spring Fox Frolic: Best Suitability under Shirley Buist.
2015 BattleBorn Bonanza: Reserve Best Open Terrier and Best Suitability under Barrie Wade.

2016 Rainier Hunt Classic: Best Open Terrier and Best Suitability under John Broadhurst.

2017 Mid America Working Terrier Trial: Best Open Terrier under Martyn Hulme.   

2017 Rainier Hunt Classic: Best Open Terrier under Lynn Clough, Obedience High Score Reserve and Rally Obedience Reserve Champion. 
2017 BattleBorn Bonanza VII & VIII: Obedience High Score Champion. 
2017 JRTCA National Trial: 4th Over R/B out of 29 dogs under Greg Mosley and 4th Suitability to Raccoon out of 32 dogs under Michell Davies.  
2017 California Commotion I & II: Obedience High Score Champion, Rally Obedience High Score Champion. 

2018 Mid America Working Terrier Trial: Best Open Dog, Open Terrier Champion, and Family Champion under Stephen Darroch.  

2018 Rainier Hunt Classic: Reserve Best Dog under Brent Hopkins and Kevin Allen, Reserve Family Champion, Obedience Champion and Rally Champion. 

2019 Spring Fox Frolic: Best Open Terrier and Champion of Champions, under judge Joe Smith.

2019 Rainier Hunt Classic, Open Terrier Champion, Best in Suitability and Best Family   

2019 West End Trial, Brush Hunt Champion and Best Family with Gem Dandy Murphy’s Law, Forget-Me-Not Grit and Gem Dandy Pearl.  
2020 West End Trial, Best Open Dog and Trailing and Locating Champion. 
Darby’s Show Highlights: 
2016 Rainier Hunt Classic Puppy Racing Champion, Reserve Best Bitch Puppy 

2017 Rainier Hunt Classic, Racing Champion 

2018 Rainier Hunt Classic, Go-To-Ground Champion, First in Brush Hunt on Saturday. 

2019 Rainier Hunt Classic, Reserve Over Racing Champion and Trailing and Locating Reserve Champion.  

Teagan’s Show Highlights: 
2018 Mid-America Working Terrier Trial, 1st under rough/broken bitch (12 entries). 

2018 Rainier Hunt Classic, 1st under rough broken and 1st in Brush Hunt on Sunday.  

2019 Spring Fox Frolic, Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Best Open Terrier. 

2019 Rainier Hunt Classic 2019 Reserve Best Bitch.  
2020 West End - Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Go-To-Ground Champion and Reserve Champion Trailing and Locating.  

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The Real Jack Russell Terrier. https://www.therealjackrussell.com/index.php

The proof is in the puppies! https://www.puppyculture.com/

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Tri-State Jack Russell Terrier Club

The Jack Russell Research Foundation

JRTCA Trial Results and Gallery of Champions



Pictured, Forget-Me-Not Pedey and Shingle Oak Teagan litter.  4 girls and a boy.  
Puppies are genetically clear of PLL, SCA, DM and HU. We are a proud Puppy Culture breeder and utilize formal Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Imprinting/Training protocols. Pups are well socialized, litter box trained and introduced to the crate prior to going to their new homes making it less stressful for all involved.  If you are interested in adding a Gem Dandy pup to your family please check out the Available Puppy Page or contact us to see who is looking for their perfect home.  
A $250 deposit will hold your puppy until they are ready to go home at 9-12 weeks. Pups sell for $1,500.  If you’re not sure a Jack Russell Terrier is right for you, take a few minutes to take the JRTCA’s profile quiz. Here https://www.therealjackrussell.com/breed/jrprofiler.php


Stud Services

Forget-Me-Not Pedey will stand to a select few approved JRTCA registered bitches. Private treaty, negative brucellosis required. Live cover, fresh chilled or frozen semen available.  


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